Tuesday, 19 May 2009

1999 law finally in force in Dominica

The INTA Bulletin, Vol. 64, No. 9 (1 May 2009) reports that this February, ten years after it was enacted, Dominica's new trade mark legislation -- the Marks, Collective Marks and Trade Names Act 1999 -- finally came into force. Under this law the Dominican registry becomes independent of the UK system and the latest edition of the Nice Classification is adopted. Additionally, registration of service marks is provided for.

The note reminds readers that Dominica, a common law jurisdiction and a member of the Commonwealth, should not be confused with the similarly-named Dominican Republic.

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Anonymous said...

Hi, Just found your wonderful blog. Is there a patent law in force in Dominica? I know they are member to the PCT, but do not know if a national application can be filed. If you can point me to any published laws, that would be very much appreciated.

Thanks again!