Tuesday, 30 March 2010

.co Priority Registration

As announced previously in this blog, the priority period for registration of the .co domain is still in place but until tomorrow ( March 31). The period, which has been running since 01 March, is only for those that possess domain names under extensions .com.co, .net.co and .org.co for example, and which have been registered before July 30, 2008.

Hence, this period provides the opportunity for those owners to register the same domain but with just the extension .co.

Gerardo Aristizabal, mi.com.co manager, and official from the national domain registrar .co said: “it is disturbing to note how, despite widespread information, many companies have yet not value this priority period”. He also adds that after the 31st of March, the domain .co will increase and also, that all requests made over a domain will go through auction between brand owners.

The newspaper EL tiempo reports that the Association of Intellectual Property in Colombia - ACPI is also advocating for businesses and people to see the magnitude of the subject.

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