Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Dominica issues notice on publishable events

This January, Dominica's Registrar of Companies and Intellectual Property published a notice clarifying the types of events relating to trad emark registration that will be published in the Journal of Intellectual Property. The following now require publication:
• New applications for trade mark registrations
• Applications for entry of a disclaimer (at the Registrar’s discretion)
• Granting a trade mark registration
• Invalidation of a trade mark registration by the High Court
• Renewal of a trade mark registration, or its expiration if not renewed
• Recordation of a licence agreement
• Assignments or other changes of title.
The notice is intended to put agents on notice that fees for the publication of disclaimers, licences, assignments and renewals will now be collected.

Source: Vol. 65, No. 6 of the INTA Bulletin

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