Monday, 12 April 2010

Intensive Law Courses

The IP tango’s friend Ricardo Antequera Parilli writes to inform the IP Latin American Audience of Intensive courses offered by Buenos Aires University, Argentina.

During July, the Graduate Department puts forward a variety of intensive courses in Law. These courses last for 60 hours in total and are during the winter break. They are addressed to anyone with a University degree in any discipline. The goal is to update and/or expands their knowledge.

The IP tango is pleased to announce that one of such courses will be an ‘Update on Copyright and Related Rights. Theory, Practice and Jurisprudence’. This course will be taught by Professor Pablo HERNÁNDEZ ARROYO, Abel MARTÍN VILLAREJO and Franz RUZ CÉSPEDES (Spain); Ricardo ANTEQUERA PARILLI (Venezuela); Mónica TORRES CADENA (Colombia); Roberto CORRÊA DE MELLO (Brazil); Santiago SCHUSTER VERGARA (Chile); Armando MASSÉ FERNÁNDEZ (Peru); Graciela H. PEIRETTI, Nelson AVILA and Roberto VÁZQUEZ (Argentina); Carlos FERNÁNDEZ BALLESTEROS and Eduardo DE FREITAS (Uruguay); Geidy LUNG and Marcelo DI PIETRO PERALTA (OHIM).

More information here.

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Patricia Covarrubia said...

Note: Geidy LUNG and Marcelo DI PIETRO PERALTA - WIPO, and no the OHIM as edited.