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Generic top-level domains (gTLDs) - survey


Some time ago I received an invitation to participate in a survey run by the World Trademark Review (WTR)regarding the issue of ‘new generic top-level domains’. This ‘new’ domain offers to run any series of characters after the final (.)dot.

The WTR gives us an example of how this may work; “Japanese camera maker Canon has already announced it will apply to run '.canon', reserving the right to fold its entire web presence under its house brand and, crucially, to control that space. Brands which run a new '.brand' or industry keyword registry (eg, '.cameras') will be able to permit or bar any entity from registering a domain under that space and can even capitalise on the space by selling second-level domains.”

I invite you today to participate in this opportunity. You may put some punctuation (a final dot perhaps) to this programme – is it a positive or negative development?
Do not worry, is anonymous!

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