Friday, 4 March 2011

Brazil: a new Organization in town

Yesterday, 3rd of March, was presented at the INPI one of its new structures: the Center for Intellectual Property Protection(CEDPI). This organization is designated to create mechanisms for resolving disputes involving IP assets. The speech was given by lawyer Richard Sichel and also by other officers from the CEDPI.

According to the information, INPI will use its expertise in intellectual property to mediate conflicts and to reduce the costs of disputes. There was indication that at this moment there is a group studying what would be the demand of this process in Brazil. To do so, the group is analysing the processes on counterfeiting in the Brazilian Judiciary.

The CEDPI is also evaluating the experiences of international arbitration in intellectual property, especially those taken place in Canada, the UK and Israel.

In addition, CEDPI is participating in a project of the Federation of Industries of São Paulo (FIESP) which enables public servants to act against piracy. Also, CEDPI will undertake studies to combat counterfeiting and unfair competition.

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