Tuesday, 3 May 2011

e-opinion: good news for users of the patent system

Starting today, May the 3er, users of the patent system can have access to the expertise orders on the website of the Brazilian Intellectual Property Office (INPI); this is so by means of the e-opinion system.

The system helps to facilitate access to documents produced by INPI’s staff --patent examiners, and so accelerating the process. INPI reminds its users that the procedure in hard copy (paper) will still exist.

The decisions of the examiners are available as PDF files. Prior documents cited are also available. Full details of all orders are still available in the Journal of Industrial Property (RPI).

Information regarding accessing the system will be available only one or two days after the date of publication on the RPI, and any problems in viewing or printing of the decisions/opinions cannot be considered for extension of time. That said, INPI announces that the counting of time is made from the date of publication in the RPI.

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