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Brazil: artistic and cultural works under one roof


The General Coordinator of Copyright at the Ministry of Culture (MinC), Cristiano Lopes, informed last Thursday ( June, 2nd) during a public hearing on reform of the Copyright Law, held in the Committee on Education and Culture of the House of Representatives that a new entity will be created to oversee the work of collective management of copyright. The new structure will also have the assignment to unify the records of artistic and cultural Brazilian works in one place. It will also stimulate research.

The Director of Intellectual Property Rights at the Ministry of Culture, Marcia Barbosa, said that this proposition made by the Ministry of Culture shall establish the observance of sufficient parameters to ensure transparent and fair collection and distribution of copyright, as established by the Constitution, without neglecting the interests of users. She also mentioned that the unification of the registry will facilitate the society's knowledge of the works that are in the public domain.

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