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Argentina: ISPs taken action - really?


In the midst of several court cases for copyright infringement, the video streaming site Cuevano has been made inaccessible by Internet Service providers.
Early this month we posted some news related to two different lawsuits brought against the site – one by HBO and the other one by Turner. In the latter case, the District Court Judge issued an interim injunction requiring the blocking of three particular series. In the same line, an Internet Service Provider decided to block the ‘complete’ access to the aforementioned webpage. Therefore, customer of the ISP named Telecentro could not enter for 12 hours the cuevana website. This measure was taken only by this particular ISP since subscribers from other ISPs could access cuevana webpage.[so, what abot the interim injunction? Why only one ISP took into account this matter?] Turner's response to the problems experienced by Telecenter’s subscribers was that Turner requested ISPs to block the TNT and iSat pay-TV channels – these two channels are the ones that contain the three particular series that the court granted interim injunction for. [once again, why only one ISP?]

On a statement Turner said:
The goal of this measure is to preserve the jobs that the company generates with such [tv] productions, with 800 professionals in the country and from their offices in Buenos Aires creates, produces and distributes 49 channels to more than 35 million households throughout Latin America.
Three weeks and a bit later we learn that another ISP has blocked access to cuevano.tv., this time Iplan. According to the newspaper the reason behind this was due to a court order. [I guess that this is the same one granted to Turner, why so far apart? can anyone enlighten me on this practical procedure, please?] I wonder if this interim measure is achieving anything at all.

Source La Nacion.

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