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Now that the SLSA Conference 2012 has revealed what papers has been accepted for the forthcoming conference we reveal that the abstract submitted by FELIX ROZANSKI, an Argentinian lawyer, professor and business consultant and of course, one of the IP (finest tango dancer) members has been accepted and will be part of the IP stream. However [Oh, dear, here comes the bad news] he will not be able to attend the conference and therefore the paper will not be presented.

Yet, Francisco has kindly allowed me to make his abstract available for everyone to read – here. Also Francisco is open to further discussions if you are interested (you could do so by sending him an e-mail at cedi@pccp.com.ar; or just leave him a comment here in the blog)

The paper starts by the typical introduction: ...the approval of TRIPs has meant for some of its member the need to amend and/or accommodate their national legislations as to comply with their duties. This is followed by the fact that while the ratification elapsed, there are still controversies in the topic of pharmaceuticals. Therefore the paper looks at the cons and pros brought by TRIPs, more specifically the protection of pharmaceuticals under patent law. But this is not any other IP/Patent law vs public health, the paper goes to look at other issues such as: national regulations supervising quality of medicines; terms protection and how it operates in different jurisdictions; the issue of research and development (R&D); sanitary marketing authorizations; and so on.

Will it jump to the other side of the pond?

The paper is indeed a fine piece of research and it is a shame that in this side of the pond we are not going to hear Francisco delivering his paper.

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