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Nanotechnology manipulates not only the matter on an atomic and molecular scale, it also can manipulate the market.


A partnership between the Brazilian National Institute of Industrial Property (INPI) and the Brazilian Agency for Industrial Development (ABDI) has produced and released this month the bulletin Panorama Patent Nanotechnology. The Bulleting publishes the patent applications (some of them already granted) of Brazilian residents made worldwide, with technical solutions that can help nanotechnology companies in general.

The INPI reveals that the Bulletin is divided into chapters that are per subject, for instance: nanomaterials with various applications, medical / biotechnology, cosmetics, environment / energy, agriculture, textile, measurement / sensor, electronics and space research.

Maria Luisa Leal Campos Machado, ABDI’s director notes that the intention is that “anyone interested in licensing and seeks further information from the newsletter this can be a source of ideas for the development of new inventions.” She continues that “it monitors the market and realizes potential partnerships which are a key in an area of ​​innovations such as nanotechnology”. Jorge Avila, INPI’s president added that this initiative is a “great step to give more visibility to knowledge in this field, enabling partnerships, new research and the generation of patents.

Finally, INPI observes that nanotechnology is a multidisciplinary field, influencing various spheres of knowledge such as Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Engineering and Technology.

Source INPI.

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