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Paper: The chilean Unfair Competition Act

The unfair competition (family of trademark law system) in Chile is regulated through the Unfair Competition Act number 20.169 published in 2007 amended by Small and Medium-Sized Entities Act number 20.416 (2010). This legal text has been redacted in only ten sections, and the core of its regulation subject matter is defined in a general provision as, “[an] act of unfair competition is any act against good faith or good costumes which, by illegitimate means, is carried out with the purpose of diverting the clientele of a market agent”(art.3). 

Aimed to analyze it in order to pose his critical standpoint about this law, chilean lawyer and researcher Fernando Fernández (www.icdt.cl) wrote an interesting paper that is now shared in our blog, called "The chilean Unfair Competition Act: A critical analysis" available full text (PDF) for our readers. Thanks for his gentleness we may enjoy it.

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