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Rock, paper........Internet


Brazil is not only implementing a speedy system for the application of trade marks made on the Internet, the so-called e-marcas. On January 10th, the Brazilian Instituto Nacional da Propiedad Indusdrial (INPI) made official the new procedures to speed up and simplify the processing of trade mark applications made in paper. The news was brought by statement in the new User Manual (Manual do Usuário) for applications in paper, which will be available on INPI’s Portal on 16th January.

Therefore, starting next Monday, the requests sent to INPI will receive their definitive number by which users will follow the entire procedure. Thus, the examination of formal requirements will be done more quickly, and in electronic media since all the application progress can be check with ‘the’ numbers provided.

Any formal requirements will be published in the Journal of Industrial Property (Revista da Propriedade Industrial), available on INPI’s Portal. It is advisable for the users to be alert of the Journal since the deadline to comply with formal requirements is five days.
Fulfilled all requirements, the request goes to the technical examination. INPI informs that this is already the procedure for requests made through e-marcas.

INPI also notes that “today the applications on paper represent less than 30% of the total. Requests made through Internet represent the majority because they have discounts and are simpler for the user.”

I guess that what INPI is saying to applications is choose wisely as in rock, paper, scissors(represented here by the Internet), because the latter defeats paper.

Source INPI.

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