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Green is the word!


On the 17th April the Brazilian National Institute of Industrial Property (INPI) will launch a pilot program for green patents (limited to 500 applications only). It is informed that the period of examination for this pilot project will be less than two year and will accomplish two objectives: on one hand to identify green technologies and on the other, to stimulate the licensing of these and so leading to innovation for those who need it.

The program considers green patents technologies those that contain the following category: alternative energy; transportation; energy conservation; waste management; and agriculture.

From April 17th the applicant must submit the specific form and ask the examination board for an examination and an advance publication.

According to INPI the requirements for the project are:

  • It shall be an Invention
  • Applicant must be a national (resident or non-resident)
  • Application has been deposited at the INPI from January 2, 2011
  • Application shall include a maximum of 15 claims in total -- of which arranged can be up to three independent claims.
I just remember John Travolta singing 'Grease Is the Word', and I feel that it suits very well todays idea: we could accommodate the lyrics [interchanging Grease for green as this]:

Green is the word
It's got groove it's got meaning
Green is the time, is the place is the motion
Green is the way we are feeling
Green is the word
Is the word
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