Friday, 27 July 2012

More GIs for Brazil

This month the Brazilian Industrial Property Institute (INPI) has granted two Geographical Indications (GI). On July, 17th the name ‘Salinas’ for sugar cane based alcoholic drink named ‘cachaça’; and the name ‘Paraíba’ for textile products made of coloured cotton received certifications of GI in the form of Indication of Source (indicação de procedência).

The GI for cachaça Salinas comprises not only Salinas but also other municipalities in the region of northern Minas Gerais. This is the second region that the INPI recognises as a GI for cachaça [first one reported here]. The GI for ‘Paraiba’ recognises the producers of cotton. The research developed by Embrapa Cotton in Paraíba produces cotton naturally coloured. The genetically modified cotton work started in 1989 and today Paraiba and its neighbouring regions have become major centres of cotton production that are recognized throughout the country. 
Source INPI.

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