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The state of IP in Latin America: a new report

The 9 April 2013 Newsletter of Public Interest Intellectual Property Advisors (PIIPA) carries the following notice:
The State of Intellectual Property in Latin America Report

The report was produced by Colombian based IP Corps member Álvaro Ramirez Bonilla and his firm B&R Latin America IP. The report focuses on the current state of intellectual property protection in Latin America and examines how the region arrived at this point. Specifically, the report explores the significant economic and legal trends that Latin America has experienced, looking at historical data to pinpoint when and where growth and change has been most significant.
To see the report click here.  It's 68 pages long, and what it lacks in text it makes up for with elegant graphics.  Gratifyingly for this blog, two IP Tango blogposts are included in the report's bibliography. However, if anyone would like to review the report for this blog, we'll be delighted to host that review.

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