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Geographical Indication and Collective marks... a recognition to the agricultural sector.


Last week a technical cooperation agreement was signed between the Brazilian Instituto Nacional da Propiedad Industrial (INPI)and the Brazilian National Agricultural Society. The main aim is to raise values and culture and the importance of geographical indications and collective marks. INPI’s webpage emphasises that these forms of protection ‘add value to the products’ as well as to the regions where the product is coming from.

A worthy remark was made by INPI’s president who highlighted that it was important to overthrow “the myth that protecting intellectual property is available to large companies only”. He continues asserting that “protection is vital for micro and medium enterprises”.

Prior to this,  INPI granted a certificate of Indicação de Procedência to the ‘melão de Mossoró’ (melon). The certificate attests the recognition of the locality which is known as good fruit growers. The Comitê Executivo de Fitossanidade(COEX) received the certificate and acknowledged that this GI will give “exclusivity , identity and visibility” to the product.

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