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Not just a label: Geographical Indication


This week, the Brazilian Instituto Nacional da Propiedad Industrial (INPI) presented a certificate of Designation of Origin (DO) to the producers of coffee in the region of the Cerrado Mineiro. The event took place at a national fair called ‘Feira Nacional de Irrigação em Cafeicultura’ and was attended by farmers, exhibitors and officials.

Sergio Francisco de Assis, President of the Federation that represents, manages and promotes the Cerrado Mineiro region, received the certificate and acknowledged that the “certificate summarizes years of work” and recognises the said Regions and its people.

On the other hand, Lúcia Regina, who is the General Coordinator of Geographical Indication at INPI, congratulated farmers for the achievement and at the same time encouraged them to seek protection in other markets and products.

The region of the Cerrado Mineiro is the leading producer of coffee in Brazil. According to Decree of the Government of Minas Gerais the region comprises an area of 147 hectares and approx. 3500 producers. The region has uniform climate pattern allowing the production of high quality coffees.

A soft reminder to my family...
Back in 2005, the coffee from the Cerrado Mineiro was granted an Indication of Source. Currently, the product is giving the highest GI certificate and thus, recognizing (not just labelling) the “qualities and characteristics of the product, the result of geographical environment, including natural and human factors.”

While this news was reported a few months ago (here), it was this week that the event took place. As noted at the time, this is the third national product that receives a DO (there are: ‘Litoral Norte Gaúcho’ for rice (granted in 2010); and, 'Vale dos Vinhedos’ for wines (granted in 2012)).

Source INPI here and here.

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