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Peru: beyond the 'naughty step technique' for illegal copying in the film industry


The Peruvian IP Institute (INDECOPI) is once again looking after its domestic film industry. Two months ago with the release of the Peruvian movie ‘El vientre’ (the womb) we became aware of extra activities that the Institute, together with other institutions such as the Commission to Combat Customs Crimes and Piracy (CLCDAP), the Attorney General's Office, and the National Police of Peru , were putting into effect (here).

The campaign and actions taken appeared to have been a success since before the release of two other domestic films ‘Loco cielo de abril’ and ‘La cara del diablo’, INDECOPI together with the above institutions and organisation will yet again put into practice the same policy: campaigns and actions. INDECOPI's webpage reminds the population the importance of copyright. Added to this is the observation made: “the action of illegal reproduction or illegal marketing of films brings heavy penalties” as well as criminal penalties (up to 8 years in prison). The news also noted that during 2013, INDECOPI’s Copyright Directorate imposed several fines and seized pirate goods in the excess of 26,000,000 PEN (5,585,000 GBP --exchange rate: 0.214809 valid as of: 21/4/2014).

Finally, INDECOPI “urged the public to reject any offer of pirated material from unscrupulous traders who profit from the efforts of others and who do not hesitate to take advantage of the success of writers and artists.”

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