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The bread and...tequila: Guanajuato adds value to the region


The Mexican Institute of Industrial Property (IMPI ) informs that its President and the governor of the state of Guanajuato recently met to award two particular collective marks in this region.

A collective mark was given to 'Pan Grande de Acámbaro' for bread producers in the town Acámbaro. By typing these words in the internet search box, I was overwhelmed by the quantity of information. From Wikipedia to a bakery in Chicago we can find interesting data as evidence of this traditional bread. In particular, the Acámbaro governmental web page tells the story of the ‘Art of Making Bread’ noting that while this came from the Old World, the people of Acámbaro started to recreate and perfect the bread (since the 1500s), giving their own expression. Accordingly, it is observed that ‘Pan Grande de Acámbaro’ has a “unique combination of knowledge and art of ancient roots.” The town annually celebrates a bread fair.

The other collective mark that was granted was ‘Tequila Huanímaro Exclusivo Grande’ to farmers of agave. Huanímaro is one of the seven municipalities involved in the production of tequila and yet, this is the first collective mark granted in the region of Guanajuato. It is reported that the mark would benefit over 120 families who “work in more than 800 hectares and have a capacity to daily process thousand litres of tequila”.

Finally, IMPI reports that during 2013 the state of Guanajuato received 3,675 applications to register distinctive signs and that more than 2,835 were successfully registered. IMPI remarks that collective marks “bring added value to what is produced and opens wide possibilities”.

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