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Pisco: ensuring its authenticity


The Peruvian Institute for the Defence of Competition and Protection of Intellectual Property (INDECOPI) informs the seized of more than 7000 bottles filled with liquor that exhibited the denomination of origin (DO) ‘Pisco’ without having such authorization.INDECOPI can prosecute cases of DO misuse with fines.

Through the Directorate of Distinctive Signs and the Supervision and Auditing Administrative office, the goods were seized at a customs warehouse in a Peruvian Port Terminal as part of a case against the manufacturer of the product which was intended for exports.

Back in 2011 INDECOPI awarded to the National Association of Producers of Pisco, the authorization to operate as the Regulator of the said DO. The Regulatory Council guides, monitors and control the production and processing of Pisco. Moreover, if a manufacturer wants to use a DO, it needs to be authorized by the Directorate of Distinctive Signs at INDECOPI.

Some facts about Pisco as a DO:
• Chile and Peru has disputed the DO Pisco for many years --one of the main differences between the spirit is the alcohol content.
• In 2013, after more than a decade of litigation, El Salvador (Supreme Court) ruled in Peru’s favour agains Chile in the proceedings regarding the legitimate use of pisco as a DO. The judgment annulled the 2005 decision of a lower court which recognized Pisco as a DO originating from Chile.
• In 2009, Malasia recognized Pisco as a DO from Peru.
• Trade agreement between Chile and Nicaragua recognized Pisco as a DO from Chile.
• Trade agreement between Peru and Costa Rica recognized Pisco as a DO from Peru.
• Trade Agreement between Peru and the EU recognized Pisco as a DO from Peru.
• In 2013, the EU registered Pisco as a DO from Peru. However, there is a note which acknowledged a previous (2002)Trade Agreement between Chile and the EU in which Pisco was recognized as a DO from Chile! Therefore, the note clarifies that the protection granted to "Pisco" as a DO to Peru does not hinder the use of that name for products originating in Chile.

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