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New title from Argentina

From Felix Rozanski comes the following news:
"We are pleased to inform you that elDIAL.com, along with the ASDIN Intellectual Rights Association, has published in print and in digital format (e-book) a new volume Collection: 2014 Intellectual Property (217 pages).  
Intellectual property continues to gain increasing importance in countries like those of Latin America, which have begun to realize the importance of promoting scientific and technological research, cultural industries and productive innovation. The Collection is the best way to publicize the work of the scientific and technological researchers and scholars of Latin American intellectual property law and notes both the opportunities to promote social and economic development of the region as the major challenges facing to meet this objective.  
The topics covered:  
* Breakthrough against pharmaceutical innovation (Ignacio Martín Sánchez Bensadon Echagiie)
* Climate Change: Challenge for PI (Diego A. Domma)
* Force of the treaty WTO / TRIPS in Latin America: Case of the Dominican Republic (Mary Fernandez, Miguelina and Meris Francisco Figueroa)
* Patent Injunctions (Carlos O. Mitelman)
* Scientific Data Protection (Daniel R. Zuccherino)
* Economic Analysis of Patent Institute (Carlos Lanardonne)
* Results of the Survey on Intellectual Property, SAFE, Soc. Experimental Pharmacology (Florence Gallardo, Paula Schaiquevich, Damasia Becú and Eduardo Gallardo)". 

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