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Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Patricia Covarrubia

Peru's national IP institution influencing the national economy.

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From Peru we received news that the Peruvian National Institute for the Defence of Competition and Protection of Intellectual Property (INDECOPI) was voted as a “modern, predictable and non- bureaucratic institution”. The results were the outcome of the Eleventh Annual Survey of CEOs made by Peru Ipsos and published by the journal Semana Economica.

The survey
Data comes from CEOs’ major companies in the country. The data reveals that INDECOPI ‘is one of the most effective public institutions in the defence of free competition’. Added to this, it reveals that when compared with other public institutions, INDECOPI has reached a level of ‘important institution’ since its “particularity is that it directly influences the private sector and the national economy.”

“Indeed, Indecopi contributes to the country's competitiveness, strengthening the consumer in defending their rights, controlling the market to fair competition to develop and promote the tools of intellectual property.”

Image result for seven dwarf working
HI HO HI HO! working together...contributing and controlling the market.
INDECOPI’s aim on IP
• To strengthen the use of the patent system in the country. In this regards INDECOPI celebrated the first Annual National Convention of Patents and Inventions (CNAPI) which a space that “seeks to promote the meeting of inventors in the framework of the activities of innovation and development for the country.”
• To strengthen the protection of traditional knowledge (TK) of indigenous peoples in regards to biodiversity. It is reported that since 2006, INDECOPI has granted 2,994 titles of TK in food, medicine, vegetable dyes, among others.

Tools used:
• Launched Servicio de Plataforma de Asesoría Gratuita de marcas y patentes (Platform Service free advice for patent and trade mark) promoting and increasing the use of the IP system and contributing to the country’s development and socio-economic growth. It reports that the platform has provided free advice to more than 13,200 entrepreneurs.
• An intense campaign for the benefit of all artists and creators in all its forms providing them various Copyright-Guides.
• A campaign called ‘Legal Software’ for the purpose of promoting, among companies in the country, the use of computer programs accredited by their respective licenses.
• Creating a Copyright- Virtual Registry which authors can use to register in just 24 hours their work quickly and easily.

Other achievements and awards received include ‘Premio de Ciudadanos al Día’ granted for the direct and permanent communication with citizens through social networks, virtual radio and radios in remote areas. It has also be considered as one of the "Best Workplaces in Peru - 2014".

Well done! Building consumer relationships and trustworthy interchange are key to protect and promote intellectual creations.


Patricia Covarrubia

Patricia Covarrubia