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Monday, 10 October 2016

Patricia Covarrubia

In Peru the Right of the Authors are enhancing

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From the Peruvian National Institute for Defence of Competition and Protection of Intellectual Property (Indecopi) I read 3 different set of news but all relating to the same: the ‘right of authors’.

Image result for writing1.- GUIDANCE: A reminder to all music producers and creators that there is a booklet providing guidance and promoting awareness of the rules and respect for intellectual property: ‘Guia especializada de derecho de autor para musicos’.
The booklet is written in a simple way explaining the ‘rights of authors in their musical works and how they can obtain economic benefit of its creation’. It is accessed here.

2.- NO TO PIRACY: In light of the national film premiere La peor de mis bodas ('The worst of my weddings), INDECOPI ‘urges citizens to support national film production, rejecting any pirated material’. INDECOPI acknowledges the effort made by the Peruvian people in putting the movie together including artist, directors and production team, and thus, invites the public to support the movie and go to the cinema.

3.- COUNTING YOUR PENNIES: INDECOPI installed a web application called 'Sintoniza’ (Tune). It allows property’s owners (such as bars, shopping centres, dance schools, etc.) to see an estimate of the rate it would have to pay for the use of national and international musical repertoire - administered by collecting societies. The application is free of charge and it is said to be an easy and comprehensive tool for the general public. INDECOPI says that through this tool, they encourage ‘the payment of duties that by law, shall receive authors, artists and producers.’

Patricia Covarrubia

Patricia Covarrubia