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Collective marks and it benefits


From Peru we heard that the National IPO (INDECOPI) and its regional office in Huanuco have been working non-stop with communities in the said region. They are assisting farmers and produces in the region throughout the process of acquiring collective marks. This support has been provided free of charge and has lasted several month --from July until November 2016.

Image result for BANANITOS peruThis month INDECOPI’s Board of Directors’ chairman, gave the certificates: 15 collective marks and one mark for a product. They were granted to associations producing cocoa, coffee, banana, rice and flowers which are located in the town of Tingo María, Huánuco.

INDECOPI is said to promote associations among producers trying to unify them and to help them to have a standardization of the quality of products and so, improving the image and economy of these entrepreneurs. The collective mark registered were all trade names and now this collective mark will belong to different farmers/companies but the use of the mark will be under the control of a proprietor which is an association that is legally established.

The aim of having a collective mark for small business and as in this case, farmers, is to promote the unification and harmonization of products among them. Moreover, they will jointly face the market and compete in the market having a single strategy.

Source INDECOPI, here.

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