Thursday, 3 June 2010

Brazil 2014 World Cup Logo revealed

Brazilian newspapers and websites published a few days ago what will be the Logo of the World Cup 2014. According to those paper and sites, the logo was chosen after examining six other logos. The judges were seven people: Ricardo Teixeira (President of CBF), Jerome Valcke (Secretary of FIFA), Oscar Niemeyer (Brazilian architect), Paulo Coelho (Brazilian writer), Gisele Bundchen (Brazilian model), Hans Donner (Brazilian, head visual designer of TV Globo) and Ivete Sangalo (Brazilian pop singer).

The logo contains three hands that are carefully shaped into the cup trophy and the number 2014 can be seen from the blending. At the OHIM two figurative marks have been filed for registration (29/03/2010): one with the word “Brazil” written under the cup(Trade mark No 008989402), and another one which excludes the word (Trade mark No 008989601). The logo was registered without claiming colours. However I note that all info and pictures from the news do claim that the logo is ‘yellow and green’ as to correspond with the national flag of Brazil.

Websites are running polls and it appears that the surveys reveal that most of the readers did not like the logo – there is always going to be a dislike, I do remember the same matter when the London 2012 logo was unveiled. There is also the dispute regarding the ‘z’ instead of the familiar ‘s’ in Brazil (or Brasil for that effect).

The logo will be officially presented at the World Cup 2010 on July 8th, a few days before the final.


Anonymous said...

It could be a whole lot better, to me as a Graphic Designer it looks like a recycle save the world logo!

Lowongan CPNS 2014 said...

i like the logo, simple and efisien