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Wednesday 7 July 2010

Patricia Covarrubia

Fly like a bird or sink like a stone - new names for Geographical Indications

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On June 23, three applications of Geographical Indication (GI), in the form of Designation of Origin (DO), were deposited at the Brazil Industrial Property Office (INPI). The three names are: ‘Região Pedra Carijó-Paduana’; ‘Região Pedra Madeira-Paduana’; and, ‘Região Pedra Cinza-Paduana’. Product description or class for all three is: stones. These types of rocks claim to have a specific characteristic due to the region – Northwest Fluminense.

The stones are used for coating landscape projects, driveways & decorative pavement. They are currently exported to markets inside and outside of South America, i.e. United States, Europe and Mexico.

Brazilian Legislation:
Regulating rights and obligations relating to industrial property: Federal Law No. 9279 of May 14, 1996
Disposicion regarding the forms for submission of application for registration of geographical indications: Normative Act No. 134of April 15, 1997
Conditions for the registration of geographical indications: Resolution No. 075 of 28 November 2000.

Taking into consideration the title of today’s, will the GI names fly like a bird or sink like a stone? any ideas?

Patricia Covarrubia

Patricia Covarrubia