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Wednesday 20 March 2013

Patricia Covarrubia

It is happening!! Brazil grants first green patent

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Last week, the Instituto Nacional da Propriedade Industrial (INPI) granted the first Green Patent in the country.

The patent in question is for a process: the treatment of solid waste that claims to reduce environmental impact and does generate electricity. INPI informs that the “invention is based on the technology of pyrolysis, a kind of combustion carried out in the absence of oxygen that reduces the production of toxic gases such as nitrogen oxides and sulphur and carbon monoxide.” Moreover, this technology “produces other gases such as hydrogen and methane, which, due to its high calorific value, can be forwarded to a burner connected to a generator to produce electricity.”

Speedy Gonzalez....looking for a green bandana... 
The patent was granted using the program ‘Patent Green’ and thus, it just took nine months after the request! Indeed, one of the purposes of this program was to accelerate the review of applications related to clean technologies – from 5 years to less than 2 years – so...9 month is really speedy!! This program was created by INPI to encourage sustainable development in areas such as: alternative energy, transportation, energy conservation, waste management and agriculture.

INPI informs that at this stage there are 67 patent applications in this new program, and 16 are already pending at the patent examination division.

Patricia Covarrubia

Patricia Covarrubia


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11 April 2013 at 19:27 delete

This is really impressive and Brazil deserves a big applause.

I believe that granting a green patent application in less than two years is an example that we all -world wide- should follow.

My most sincere congratulations to the IP lawyers, to the INPI and to the people who promoted the present project.

Esto es realmente impresionante y Brasil merece un gran aplauso.

Considero que conceder protección jurídica a una solicitud de patente verde (ecológica) en menos de dos años, es un ejemplo que todos nosotros (a nivel mundial) deberíamos seguir.

Mis más sinceras felicitaciones a los abogados de PI, al INPI y a las personas que impulsaron este projecto.

Saludos desde Quito-Ecuador,

Andrés W. Chugá Porras.