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Tuesday 5 August 2014

Patricia Covarrubia

Patagonia's products to receive a boost

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The Chilean National Institute of Intellectual Property (INAPI) received an application for registration of the certification mark "Calidad Aysén- Patagonia - Chile".

The mark was developed by the regional government of Aysén supported by the Ministry of Agriculture. The scheme is “the result of a research, identification and survey of common practices and standards that seek to encourage the identification of certain attributes present in the originating Aysén region.” The Agriculture Minister said "it is important to add value to our products and this is a great opportunity. Patagonia is a globally recognized mark and we must seize this attractive local product to enhance an area that is far away for the rest of world, but year after year increases the amount of visitors ".

INAPI’s director added that it is pleasant to see how “ regions are organizing to promote their products through the use of tools such as certification marks”.Products seeking to be enhanced by this certification mark are cattle, sheep, vegetables and cherries.

Source INAPI.

Patricia Covarrubia

Patricia Covarrubia