Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Bob's and Doggis fast food operations in cross-border franchise deal

MarketWatch reports that Brazil Fast Food Corp. has announced that it has agreed with Grupo de Empresas Doggis (GED) to cross-franchise the Bob's and Doggis brands in Chile and Brazil, respectively. Brazil Fast Food is the second largest fast-food restaurant chain in the country, with 663 points of sale; it trades under brands including Bob's, In Bocca al Lupo Cafe, Pizza Hut and KFC.

Brazil Fast Food will control the Doggis master franchise in Brazil, while GED will control the Bob's master franchise in Chile. Brazil Fast Food expects to develop up to 30 Bob's points of sale in Chile and 40 Doggis points of sale in Brazil in the next five years.

GED is itself a leader in the food service business in Chile. It owns and runs the Doggis hot dog fast food chain. and currently operates through four different brands, with 151 owned and franchised stores.

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