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Fly like a bird or sink like a stone - new names for Geographical Indications


On June 23, three applications of Geographical Indication (GI), in the form of Designation of Origin (DO), were deposited at the Brazil Industrial Property Office (INPI). The three names are: ‘Região Pedra Carijó-Paduana’; ‘Região Pedra Madeira-Paduana’; and, ‘Região Pedra Cinza-Paduana’. Product description or class for all three is: stones. These types of rocks claim to have a specific characteristic due to the region – Northwest Fluminense.

The stones are used for coating landscape projects, driveways & decorative pavement. They are currently exported to markets inside and outside of South America, i.e. United States, Europe and Mexico.

Brazilian Legislation:
Regulating rights and obligations relating to industrial property: Federal Law No. 9279 of May 14, 1996
Disposicion regarding the forms for submission of application for registration of geographical indications: Normative Act No. 134of April 15, 1997
Conditions for the registration of geographical indications: Resolution No. 075 of 28 November 2000.

Taking into consideration the title of today’s, will the GI names fly like a bird or sink like a stone? any ideas?

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