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Venezuelan Intellectual Property Institute, a service to whom?


Today I write with disappointment and despair. The reason? To obtain IP information in Latin American countries is an extremely difficult task. The information is not just out there and I have to juggle between high street newspapers and magazines – nothing legal. However, I have to say that there are three IP Institutions that have provided me along the way with good and reliable material; they are INPI (Brazil), INDECOPI (Peru) and SAPI (Venezuela).

Yet, for the past two months - day after day, I have been receiving only Government propaganda from SAPI. The information varies from distributing food to the poor, to opening new supermarkets for the deprived. They also cover the closing down of companies that sell regulated products at higher prices and welcoming visits from other Presidents. There is indeed so much info (re: political propaganda) but nothing to do with IP!

I have to admit that I see this with worry. The explanation is that as I read, in a daily basics, Venezuelan newspapers I can see how the country is deteriorating in all senses. Of course this is not the blog to discuss political agendas but certainly this is news that everybody needs to hear. If you go back to all past and present posts in this blog (regarding Venezuela), you will notice how IP legislation (or lack of it) as well as administrative and judicial process is leaving the country in a questionable position. Is it just me or is anyone else feeling the same way?

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