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Your view needed
The Peruvian National Institute for the Defence of Competition and Protection of Intellectual Property ( INDECOPI),has presented five technical norms on handicrafts.

The projects do intent to properly identify the products and their features. Thus, the aim is “to establish appropriate guidelines on concepts and terminology, classification and product requirements”. The handicrafts project cover handmade filigree, decorative ceramics and handmade textiles.

The proposed projects were submitted by the Technical Committee for Standardization of Crafts, and the purpose is to guide all parties involved i.e. consumers, the industry sector, and all stakeholders involved in this activity.

An open public discussion of the projects will be available for the general public until March 12.

Keeping inform and gaining the right knowledge
Contributing to the development and promotion of patent INDECOPI is opening its doors to national inventors by offering a new program giving information sessions. The sessions will be given by professionals or invited experts --every two weeks on a Thursday and so they are called ‘Inventor’s Thursday’.

The sessions start today, 27 February. They are free of charge. The topics to be covered are various: protection of inventions in Peru through patents; procedures for patenting abroad; importance of patent; and patent defence among others.

INDECOPI’s Directorate of Inventions and New Technologies (DIN) INDECOPI aims to strive for “those interested or involved in inventive activities, research and technological innovation” to find a place where they can “learn, interact, understand and then apply the learned knowledge on issues related to system operation and registration of patents in the country.”
These talks will be given by professionals DIN or invited experts who will touch various topics related to patents, such as: protection of inventions in Peru through patents; procedures for patenting abroad; importance of patent information for the invention and research, negotiating patent, companies and patents, patent defence, among others.

For more info please do contact INDECOPI by e-mail at patenta@indecopi.gob.pe. There is also more information provided regarding the session at www.indecopi.gob.pe / din / lectures.
Indeed, these two different plans seek to protect and enhance the Peruvian intellectual endeavour. Shall we say…charity begins at home? Perhaps charity will not be the correct word to use, yet I am referring to the proverb. In any case, the help and assistance that INDECOPI is providing, is of benefit to its own people and to the country.


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