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Monday, 11 January 2021

Patricia Covarrubia

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The year is 2021 and it is just starting- why I have the feeling that I am still in 2020?!

I have been a bit preoccupied with so many things going on and together with new duties and responsibilities I felt that I have abandoned a bit the IPTango readers. Therefore one of my New Year resolutions (aside from weight loss) was to heat-up my fingers and start sharing news and views; to give love to this extraordinary blog that has given me so much…well here comes the pickle.
1) Free space in my calendar 
2) Fingers ready 
3) Mindset 
4) Search and research 
5) STOP 

What has happen? 

My first point of contact is the national IP offices around Latin America – ‘the news’. First stop Ecuador: only one ‘news’ was released in 2020; second stop Chile: the last news was published in December and previous one, in November and another one in April; third stop Peru: this January only information about unfair competition. [Is it too early to be discouraged?]

Brazil got a couple of relevant news, but as we noticed in this blog, they now have gone ‘bilingual’ so not much to report, maybe to discuss…what do you think? By the way, INPI published a study on DNA vaccines related to Covid – 19 here.

Receive this as an open invitation to send as ‘news and views’; what you would like us to discuss, or report; would you like to join us? Let’s make this 2021 an inspiring one!!

Patricia Covarrubia

Patricia Covarrubia