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Coca- Colla, the Bolivian drink


Last weekend all major Latin American newspapers reported that Bolivia will start producing an energy soft drink made from coca leaves. The name chosen is ‘Coca-Colla’ and it will be presented in a bottle with a red label. If it sounds familiar, wait to hear this. Apparently, the drink is dark, sweet and fizzy!

Clearly the name is similar to the well known ‘Coca-Cola’ but the whole packaging is also similar (trade dress). Will Coca-Cola Co bring an action? Another issue that is in my mind is: will the name be capable of registration as a trade mark? The name is a description of the drink, 'coca' being the main ingredient and ‘colla’ (also ‘Kolla’) being the name by which some indigenous Bolivians are known.

The Bolivian president Evo Morales is supporting the drink since he sees this as part of the industrialization of coca production. Evo Morales’ administration plans to modify Law N° 1008 of the Regime Applicable to Coca and Controlled Substances which limits legal coca cultivation to 12,000 hectares. The Bolivian President is seeking ways to broaden the limit up to 20,000 hectares.

For more information click here,here,and here.

Note: I have yet to find a picture of the bottle for Coca-Colla, so feel free to contact IP Tango if you happen to find one.

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