Wednesday, 20 January 2010

IP Tango: time for a change?

Yesterday the IP Tango team spent a great deal of time corresponding with each other over the appearance of the blog. In particular
* was it time for a change?
* should the weblog look more "professional"?
* would it look better with another template -- if so, which one?
* what colour should it be?
Today I have taken my life in my hands and have changed both the template and the colour. I've also put a poll in the IP Tango side bar, so that readers can place their comments. Please do let us know what you think, since your opinion means a great deal to us. Bear in mind also that I can easily put the blog back into its original template (or any other one) if that is the will of the readership.


Gareth Dickson said...

I like the first tag for this post: "IP Tango 'tmeplate'". Reminds me of the Chuckle Brothers, whose own comedy choreography was a source of great amusement in my youth.

"tmeplate", "tyouplate", "tmeplate".

Kharol said...

nice colour scheme, but at least for me there's ton's of grey borders with only a little patch of text in the centre. Didn't vote because I don't know what it looked like before..

Ninoshka Urrutia said...

I really liked the new colour, but as Kharol I think there is too much grey borders.