Monday, 11 August 2014

A sport celebrity - image rights

James Rodríguez lanza ‘El 10 Gold’ su primer producto como ...Colombia Reports some news about its football star James Rodriguez. The golden boot winner of the 2014 World Cup is launching its own product ‘Gold 10’, an energy drink. The drink is made with ‘guarana, taurine and caffeine’ and part of the profits will be given to support the foundation ‘Colombia somos todos’ founded by James Rodríguez.

The newspaper EL Pais published an article with the highlight ‘What James Rodriguez trademark is worth’. This is continued by an assertion that the football player is not just an idol but his name is a 'brand' in advertising. It elaborates by stating that apart from the millionaire Real Madrid’s contract, he will add another 8.5 million euros profit due to its image. His image is used already in 8 brands e.g. Adidas, shampoo (Clear), deodorant (Rexona), beverages (Pony Malta and Milo) and breads (Bimbo) and now its own product ‘Gold 10’.

James Rodrigues, Penerus Carlos Valderama - ENCIETY NEWSAlso the Colombian newspaper La Republica noted the value of the football player James Rodriguez. It notes that by using players’ names it is a high impact strategy in consumer market. It gives examples of reasons why an image sells: “inspires health, discipline, confidence, success, love and… it tends to be followed”.

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