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Tuesday 17 November 2009

Patricia Covarrubia

Chilean wine does not escape piracy

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Wine piracy appears to be a common phenomenon for markets such as China and Europe. The Chilean newspaper El Mercurio reports that 30% of European wines sold worldwide are counterfeit. The amount rises abruptly in China, where it is reported that 70% of imported wines served in restaurants are counterfeit.

This year, Chilean winery market has found only twice this practice. Yet, on one hand, Wine of Chile, which is an entity that encompasses 65 companies, is meeting on November 25 to get ready for this type of fraud. The industry is looking to ascertain the authenticity of its product. On the other hand, the Association of Luxury, which includes 25 brands, is to impart seminars for members to address this issue.

Chile prepares against wine piracy - point of attention.

The industry states that the counterfeit seen is extremely rudimentary. It is basically original bottles which are washed and then, filled with cheaper wine. Therefore, they are easily recognisable because the seal is not the original and the cork is of poor quality. The industry does not know at this stage the measure that it will be implementing. However, they are looking at security labels as a key. Also, the industry advises to buy from licensed premises such as supermarkets or special stores.

Clearly, our point of interest (as well as the wine industry) is fair trade. But yet, I believe that the circulation of information that they are intending to do, does not help only the industry (profit wise) but consumers at large. At the end, there is one reasonably issue in here which is important to everyone - public health.

Patricia Covarrubia

Patricia Covarrubia