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Friday 15 January 2016

Patricia Covarrubia

Illegal software - protecting Peruvian business

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The Peruvian Institute of anti-competition and intellectual property (INDECOPI) has been recognised by the Business Software Alliance (BSA). The BSA is an association created to defend the objectives of the software industry and its hardware partners. It is known as “the leading advocate for the global software industry before governments and in the international marketplace.” Recognition comes for the work INDECOPI, through the Directorate of Copyright, is achieving against the use of illegal software.
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Last year INDECOPI run its 5th campaign on legal software [V Campaña de Software Legal] promoting the use of accredited software. The campaign, intended at small and medium enterprises (SMEs), consists on verifying the software installed on SMEs computers. To do so, there is a virtual platform where SMEs file the type of software they use and the details of the license they do have. Failing to submit the requirements and/or if the Directorate of Copyright is not satisfied by the information filed, the Directorate may conduct inspection activities, without prior notice. If a company is using illegal software a fine (of up to 180 UIT (tax units)) and criminal penalties (of up to 8 years in prison as established in the Penal Code), may be imposed.

According to the Directorate, “the four previous campaigns has found the use of legal software in more than 14,000 companies in the country.”

The BSA reports the efforts being made by INDECOPI as well as those by the Peruvian judiciary – imposing sanction against those who are found selling illegal software.
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The campaign not only tries to regulate the use of software but it also advice business against the use of illegal software because it risks the company information and may cause technical problems on their devices.

Patricia Covarrubia

Patricia Covarrubia