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Sunday 30 August 2020

Verónica Rodríguez Arguijo

ASIPI launches the interactive map of AOs, GIs, collective and certification marks

The Inter-American Association of Intellectual Property (ASIPI) launched the interactive map of appellations of origin (AOs), geographical indications (GIs), collective and certification marks of the Americas.

The Committee of Geographical Indications of ASIPI carried out the project which aims “to provide a tool that, in addition to being a source of consultation, would allow interaction for feedback and permanent updating”. 

The interactive map allows to sort per country, and it is available in Spanish and English. A brief description of the GIs, AOs or marks is displayed when they are selected, and the relevant regions are highlighted on the map. 

So far, the AOs, GIs, collective and certification marks* of the following countries are available on the map: 
  • Argentina 
  • Belize* 
  • Bolivia 
  • Brazil 
  • Chile* 
  • Colombia, 
  • Costa Rica* 
  • Cuba 
  • Dominican Republic 
  • Ecuador 
  • El Salvador 
  • Guatemala 
  • Jamaica 
  • Mexico 
  • Nicaragua 
  • Panama 
  • Peru 
  • Puerto Rico 
  • The United States* 
  • Venezuela 
ASIPI encourages to submit here and here any updates or additional information concerning the map. 

Image of Arek Socha on Pixabay.

Verónica Rodríguez Arguijo

Verónica Rodríguez Arguijo