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Tuesday 25 August 2020

Verónica Rodríguez Arguijo

Upcoming events on this week!


On 25 August 2020, the webinar Artificial Intelligence: Big Controversies (in Portuguese) will take place. The event is organized by the Brazilian Intellectual Property Association (ABPI). The speakers are Caroline Tauk and Eduardo Magrani. Register here

The webinar Relevant topics regarding the new legislation on copyright (in Spanish) was rescheduled so that it will be held on 26 August 2020. The event is part of the Permanent Seminar on Intellectual Property 2020-2 (SEPEPI) which is organized by the Legal Research Institute (IIJ) of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM). The speaker is Hugo Contreras Lamadrid, Director General of the National Institute of Copyright (INDAUTOR). The webinar will be streamed on Facebook

The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) is offering the webinar Deep Dive: exploring Madrid Monitor also on 26 August 2020. Some “tips on how to make the most of Madrid Monitor’s features and benefits” will be provided. The speaker is Olivier Pierre. 

On 27 August 2020, the following webinars are scheduled: 
On 28 August 2020, the International Chamber of Commerce of Mexico (ICC Mexico) will hold the webinar Amendments to the Federal Copyright Law. The speakers are Oscar Estrada Chavez (Federal Court, IP Specialised Bench) and Hugo Contreras Lamadrid (INDAUTOR). 

On the same day, the forum Collective marks, certification marks and appellations of origin will take place. The event is organized by the Superintendence of Industry and Commerce of Colombia (SIC Colombia). Register here.

On 30 August 2020, the Foundation for Research on Law and Business (FIDE, acronym in Spanish) is organizing the panel The three main social, legal and economic models of AI: is there room for marriage?. The panel is part of the 24th edition of the European Conference on Artificial Intelligence (ECAI), organized by CiTIUS (the Research Centre in Information Technology of the Singular Research Centres Network of the University of Santiago de Compostela). The speakers are Margaret Chen, Cornelia Kutterer and Nuria Oliver. The moderator is Professor Laurent Manderieux. The panel director is Professor Manuel Desantes. Register here

The following events already started but will continue this week: 
  • 24 - 26 August. Webinar: Introduction to Intellectual Property (in Spanish), organized by the National Service of Intellectual Rights (SENADI Ecuador) and National Institute of Biodiversity (INABIO). Speakers: Paulina Mosquera, Fernado Nogales, Andrea Mena and Elizabeth Ribadeneira. 
  • 24 - 27 August. XXXIV Annual Conference on Industrial Property (in Spanish), organized by the Argentine Association of Industrial Property Agents (AAAPI). Some speakers: Alejandro Breuer Moreno, Hernán Cabaleiro Rigamonti, Martín Bensadon, Martín Re, Gustavo Giay, Matías Ghidini, and Ricardo M. Gordó Llobell. Some moderators: Graciela Pérez de Inzaurraga, Gastón Richelet, and Juan Berton Moreno.

Did you miss some events held the last week? The following are still available on-demand: 
  • 17 - 21 August. Watch here the opening* of the National Patent Drafting Workshop (in Spanish), organized the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) and the Mexican Institute of Industrial Property (IMPI). Opening speakers: Juan Lozano (IMPI), Marco Alemán (WIPO) and Ernesto Acevedo Fernández (Ministry of Economy). 
  • 18 August. Webinar: Non-traditional, collective and certification marks* (in Spanish), organized by the Venezuelan Institute of Industrial Property Agents (COVAPI). Speakers: Luis A. Henriquez and Juan L. Astudillo. Moderator: Ricardo Rojas. 
  • 19 August. Webinar: Judging Intellectual Property - Interactions between Justice, Copyright and Industrial Property (in Portuguese), organized by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), the Brazilian Association of Industrial Property Agents (ABAPI), the National Justice Council of Brazil (CNJ) and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Brazil. Speakers: Marcia Maria N. de Barros (Federal Regional Court of Rio de Janeiro), José Carlos Costa Netto (Court of Justice of the State of São Paulo) and Richard Pae Kim (CNJ). Moderators: Marcelo Goyanes (ABAPI) and Heitor Figueiredo Sobral Torres (Ministry of Foreign Affairs). 
  • 20 August. Webinar: The new route of our Tequila, our Coffee, our Rum: a commercial perspective (in Spanish), organized by the Inter-American Association of Intellectual Property (ASIPI). Speakers: Ramón González Figueroa (CRT - Tequila Regulatory Council), Paola Romero (FNC - Colombian Coffee Growers Federation), María Mercedes Sánchez (ANFAL - National Association of Alcohol and Spirits Manufacturers, Guatemalan Rum) and María José Sánchez (FNC). Moderator: Jorge Chávarro. 
* It took place before the weekly article was published. The details were available on the page “Events” on the IPTango website. 

If you have a craving for more, review the full list of events here

Image of Becca Clak on Pixabay.​​ 

Verónica Rodríguez Arguijo

Verónica Rodríguez Arguijo