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Monday 3 January 2011

José Carlos Vaz e Dias

Rio 2016 Logo is Launched During New Year’s Eve but Controversies Have Arisen about Its Originality

Copacabana beach was again the stage of the main venue for the promotion of the Olympic Games in Rio 2016. The Brazilian Olympic Committee (COB) took advantage of the usual New Years’ eve gathering, of about 2 million people on the beach to watch the traditional fireworks display that takes place every 31st. of December, and launched the logo for the Rio 2016 Olympic games. Good marketing strategy!!!

The logo was well accepted by the “Cariocas” (Portuguese name for those who are born in the city of Rio de Janeiro) and the general Brazilian population, as the symbol represents very much the warm Brazilian way in receiving tourists in general and will, therefore, be extended to the already awaited foreign athletes: the holding of the hands express this warmth, the friendship and the happiness of the locals. Further to that, it shows the Sugar loaf, which is one of the most important postcards of the city, in a vibrating way, as if it has gained life.

The logo was conceived as a sculpture and its design was aimed to be used in 3D as well, to introduce the idea of movement. Therefore it is considered innovative in this regard.

Nevertheless, ESPN Brazil (Sports network) placed yesterday in its site (www.espn.com.br/.../167735_RECEM+LANCADA+LOGO+DO+RIO+2016+VIRA+ALVO+DE+SUSPEITAS+DE+PLAGIO) an existing allegation of plagiarism of the new logo for the Rio 2016 Olympic games. Accordingly, the logo was compared with the Telluride Foundation symbol, which is a philanthropic organization located in the American state of Colorado, and evidences that they are graphically and conceptually alike.

Clarifying this IP controversy is an urgent matter, as the exploitation of the Rio 2016 symbol and commercialization of goods with the symbol will be in the market very soon and will, undoubtedly, be exploited, not only by the authorized licensees, but by pirates as well. Action against counterfeiting will need to be initiated urgently.

José Carlos Vaz e Dias

José Carlos Vaz e Dias