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Monday 14 September 2020


Peru joins the WIPO’s Inventor Assistance Program

Peru has joined the WIPO’s Inventor Assistance Program (IAP, and PAI in Spanish). The program is a global initiative which provides inventors and micro-enterprises from developing countries with pro bono legal assistance on patents (e.g. drafting and prosecution). 

It is required that the IAP beneficiaries have been admitted to INDECOPI’s PATENTA program. Once they are selected for the IAP, a local attorney will assist them during the whole application process. 

Likewise, a foreign attorney may also support the IAP beneficiaries when dealing with Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCTapplications

Indeed, both local and foreign patent attorneys (e.g. located in Europe, Japan, and the United States of America) may apply for being IAP volunteers. More information about IAP volunteers here [section Get involved, Pro bono attorneys – Work with the IAP]. 

Other participating countries in the Inventor Assistance Program are Colombia, Ecuador, Morocco, the Philippines, and South Africa. 

More information can be reviewed on INDECOPI’s dedicated website for IAP (PAI in Spanish), INDECOPI’s press release, and WIPO’s press release

Sources: INDECOPI and WIPO websites. 

Credit: Image of mailanmaik on Pixabay.