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Not just a trout anymore: organising the trade for better quality and better economic results – the story of a collective mark


During the international convention EXPOTRUCHA that took effect December 2011, Sierra Exportadora (SIEX) an institution leader in promoting export production in the Andean region of Peru, announced that it has been helping five medium-sized enterprises that produce trout in several regions of the Peruvian mountains to join them under the collective mark ‘Andean trout’. SIEX gives to this group of enterprises business management advice and searches for markets, for which the collective mark is a tool of first importance. It also added that under the collective mark it is enforced good aquaculture practices and compliance with standards of size, quality and volume production.

The Minister of Production, Jose Urquizo Maggia, congratulated SIEX for the promotion of the productive chain of the trout and for aiming to strengthening medium and small enterprises (SMEs) in the area.

According to SIEX the production and exports of trout will redouble from 350 to 700
tons bimonthly from October 2012, with which achieved a sales value of USD$ 3.5 million per season. moreover, SIEX mentioned that the intention is to set an example to many SMEs producing informal trout that exist across the mountains and to incentive them to join the collective mark. Moreover it mentioned that 70% of domestic trout farmers are informal, and this makes very difficult for them to receive financial support and the necessary certifications required on the trade.

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