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Sunday 8 April 2012

Patricia Covarrubia

Maintaining todays marble - have you thought of GI?

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I can imagine my kitchen.
Last week the Brazilian Intellectual Property Office (INPI) announced the granting of geographical indication (GI) to ‘Cachoeiro de Itapemirim ‘ for marble. Producers of Itapemirim will now have a period of 60 days- from the notification day, to pay the fee for the issuance of the certificate and thus completing the formality of this process.

The recognition given to the municiplity of ‘Cachoeiro de Itapemirim’ is justified as the site is nationally and internationally well known as a center for mining and processing of marble. It is said that with the introduction of new techniques of extraction and processing, the marble produced in Cachoeiro de Itapemirim has “reached a level of quality and beauty comparable to the best marble found in international market”.

I definitelly admire all the different kinds of products that Brazil is given protection throught the GI system - don't you? I mean apart from the usual cheese, wines, spirits and other foodstuff, we have seen a range of unusual ones such as metal, gem, grass and even shoes. You have to love it! This is truly devoted love, support, and defense of one's country products.

Patricia Covarrubia

Patricia Covarrubia