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Thursday 12 April 2012


New IDNs and ccTLD for Guatemala

With effect from 5 March 2012, the Universidad del Valle de Guatemala (UVG) -- which is the administrator of the ccTLD in Guatemala -- has been authorizing the registration of Internationalized Domain Names (IDNs) and Second Level Domain Names (which can now be registered directly under “.gt”). Previously only third level domain names were available.

The IDNs now permits the use of characters in the Spanish language along with vowels with diacritical signs: á é í ó ú ü ñ. The hyphen (-) is also permitted.

The minimum length of a domain is three elements, up to a maximum of 63. Registration is open to any individual or legal person on a first-come, first-served basis. No previous trade mark registration or residence is required.

The process for foreign applicants is simple.  First, you verify the availability of the domain name. Then, by completing and submitting the online form, you will have a reservation order that will be finally processed if a payment is submitted within the next 30 days. The cost for a foreign application is $60 for a third level domain (the same cost goes for its IDNs) and $120 for a second level domain name (with the same costs for its IDNs).

Such cost includes two years of validation. The payment can be made online by credit card or via wire transfer (no bank fees included).

Author: Ninoshka Urrutia, Consortium/Racsa, Guatemala (thanks, Ninoshka!)