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Sunday 18 October 2020

Verónica Rodríguez Arguijo

WIPO Conversation on IP and AI (Third Session): the deadline for those who want to intervene is approaching!

The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) will hold the Third Session of the WIPO Conversation on IP and AI on 4 November 2020 from 10 am to 4 pm CET. 

The virtual meeting is open to the public, and it is possible to register here

The provisional agenda is already available. The topics refer to the following issues that were included in the Revised Issues Paper on Intellectual Property Policy and Artificial Intelligence (which contains the results of the public consultation launched after the first session took place): 

  • Issue 1: Definitions 
  • Issue 13: Trademarks (as it was announced here
  • Issue 15: Capacity Building 
  • Issue 16: Accountability for Decisions in IP Administration 

Registrants who want to intervene in the meeting must send an email to ai2ip@wipo.int before 21 October 2020, ¨setting out, with reference to the agenda the issue (or issues) on which they wish to speak [and] where possible, to share their interventions in writing so that the WIPO Secretariat can provide these in advance to the interpreters¨. 

Review here and here more information about the Third Session of the WIPO Conversation on IP and AI

Read here about the Second Session, which was held from 7 to 9 July 2020. 

Find here more information about the First Session, which took place in September 2019. 

Image of Gerd Altmann on Pixabay.

Verónica Rodríguez Arguijo

Verónica Rodríguez Arguijo