Friday, 1 October 2010

Are we there yet? – FTA between Colombia/Peru and the EU

As it was informed back in May this year, the EU Free Trade Agreements with Colombia and Peru was signed.

To refresh some of our readers’ minds (including moi – I think I need a hair cut!) the FTA was delayed for several disagreements regarding the IP table. Matters that were cover and discuss were for instance: data exclusivity; possibility to control patented goods in transit (excluded from the final draft); Geographical Indications (around 200 products covered); Biodiversiy, among others.

Now then, for the FTA to come into force, it must be approved by the European Parliament and by the Colombian’s and Peru’s respective Congresses. To make this situation to run smoothly and quicker, the Colombia Vice-President, Mr Garzon, is expected to visit Europe and meet some of the European Parliamentarians of different political parties (with present in the European Parliament) to develop dialogues on the importance of this FTA for all parties involved.

Also, Mr Garzon is expected to propose to set up a commission to verify the respect of human rights once the FTA takes effect. One of the issues that during the negotiations were brought to the attention of the EU was the human right situation (violation) in Colombia. This Commission would be integrated by a member of the Colombian Government and Human Rights Defenders as well.

For an overview of news regarding this FTA visit past blogs here, here and here.

Answering the title's question: it has been a long ride but we are almost there.

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