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Tuesday 15 May 2012

Rodrigo Ramirez Herrera @ramahr

New guidelines for the examination of pharmaceutical patents in Argentina

The non-governmental organization Cediquifa (Studies Centre for development chemical - pharmaceutical industry of Argentina) sent for us the following information: 

The Argentine Institute of Industrial Property (INPI) in a joint Resolution with the Ministries of Industry and Public Health (Res. Nºs 118/12, 546/12 and 107/12, Official Bulletin 8 May, 2012) issued new guidelines to restrict severely pharmaceutical patents by establishing that many pharmaceutical compounds (salts, polimphors, enantiomers and others) will not be patentable. 

According Cedifiquifa, new restrictions are discriminatory and inconsistent with TRIPs.

Source: Félix Rozanski (Cediquifa)

Rodrigo Ramirez Herrera @ramahr

Rodrigo Ramirez Herrera @ramahr