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Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Patricia Covarrubia

Colombia: clay turned into DO

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The Colombian Superintendence of Industry and Commerce (SIC) grants Denomination of Origen (DO) to ‘Cerámica Artesanal de Ráquira Colombia’; ‘Chulucanas’, ceramics of Peru and the ‘Tequila’ of Mexico.

Decision 486 of the Andean Community regulates this subject in Colombia.
Article 201 defines it as a “geographical indication consisting of the name of a particular country, region, or locality, or of a name which, without being that of a particular country, region, or locality, refers to a specific geographical area, which name is used to identify a product originating therein, the qualities, reputation, or characteristics of which are exclusively or essentially attributable to the geographical environment in which it is produced, including both natural and human factors.”

The term 'Ceramica Artesanal de Ráquira Colombia' is used to describe handmade pottery and ceramics that are characterized by being produced in the municipality of Ráquira, through the management of traditional techniques. The raw material used is clay (red, purple and white) taken from the same municipality. The ceramic and pottery have utilitarian and decorative purposes.

This new Colombian DO joins other names already given by the SIC: Café de Colombia in 2005; ‘Cholupa del Huila’ in 2007; and ‘Artesanía de Guacamayas’ in 2009.

The other foreigners DOs recognized yesterday by the SIC are: ‘Chulucanas’ -- ceramics produced in the District of Chulucanas (Peru) and using raw material from the same District; and ‘Tequila’ -- well-known alcoholic drink produced in Mexico in accordance with the Official Quality Standard (NOM) for tequila.

Patricia Covarrubia

Patricia Covarrubia